The Strange World of Human Sacrifice

Titre : The Strange World of Human Sacrifice
Auteur : Jan N. Bremmer
Éditeur : Peeters Publishers
ISBN-13 : 9042918438
Libération : 2007

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The Strange World of Human Sacrifice is the first modern collection of studies on one of the most gruesome and intriguing aspects of religion. The volume starts with a brief introduction, which is followed by studies of Aztec human sacrifice and the literary motif of human sacrifice in medieval Irish literature. Turning to ancient Greece, three cases of human sacrifice are analysed: a ritual example, a mythical case, and one in which myth and ritual are interrelated. The early Christians were the victims of accusations of human sacrifice, but in turn imputed the crime to heterodox Christians, just as the Jews imputed the crime to their neighbours. The ancient Egyptians rarely seem to have practised human sacrifice, but buried the pharaoh's servants with him in order to serve him in the afterlife, albeit only for a brief period at the very beginning of pharaonic civilization. In ancient India we can follow the traditions of human sacrifice from the earliest texts up to modern times, where especially in eastern India goddesses, such as Kali, were long worshipped with human victims. In Japanese tales human sacrifice often takes the form of self-sacrifice, and there may well be a line from these early sacrifices to modern kamikaze. The last study throws a surprising light on human sacrifice in China. The volume is concluded with a detailed index

Blood Sacrifices

Titre : Blood Sacrifices
Auteur : Robert J. Bunker
Éditeur : iUniverse
ISBN-13 : 9781491791974
Libération : 2016-05-21

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Blood Sacrifices contributors: • Dawn Perlmutter, Ph.D. • Robert J. Bunker, Ph.D. • Marc W.D. Tyrrell, Ph.D. • Paul Rexton Kan, Ph.D. • Lt.Col. Lisa J. Campbell, B.A., SME Beheadings • Tony M. Kail, B.A., SME Esoteric Religions • Pamela Ligouri Bunker, M.Litt., M.A. • Charles Cameron, B.A., SME Religious Violence • SA Andrew Bringuel, II, M.A., SME Criminal Extremism • Jo ́se de Arimate ́ia da Cruz, Ph.D. • Mark Safranski, M.A., M.Ed. • Alma Keshavarz, M.P.P., Ph.D. Student • Pauletta Otis, Ph.D. The acknowledgment that blood sacrifice, particularly human sacrifice, actively occurs in the 21st century is a pivotal triumph in scholarly research. Twenty years ago, this book could not have been published. In most universities, think tanks, and government research facilities, characterizing any type of murder as sacrificial was viewed at best as a secondary motive and at worst as junk science. - Dr. Dawn Perlmutter

The Importance of Religion

Titre : The Importance of Religion
Auteur : Gavin Flood
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781405189729
Libération : 2012

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In spite of the noble efforts of scientific reason to reveal everything to us, in many ways the world remains a mysterious place. For so many people, religion continues to represent a decisive guide to navigating through the strange world we all inhabit - yet never in history has religion been more misunderstood. "The Importance of Religion" illuminates the central importance of religion in modern times, revealing how it crucially provides people with meaning to their lives and guides them in their everyday moral choices. Renowned religion scholar Gavin Flood argues that modern religions do not just represent passive notions about the nature of reality, but are active and inspirational - they show us ways of living, dying, choosing a good life, and inhabiting the strange and mysterious world of the twenty-first century. In a wide-ranging, engaging, and brilliant book, Flood discusses the nature and meaning of religion and spirituality, as well as religion's relationship with politics, science, evolutionary biology, human rights, culture, humanism, and more. "The Importance of Religion" offers rich insights into the myriad ways religion provides meaning to the lives of people and communities in the modern world.

Human sacrifice in history and today

Titre : Human sacrifice in history and today
Auteur : Nigel Davies
Éditeur : William Morrow & Co
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015066015978
Libération : 1981-02

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A detailed account of the widespread practice of human sacrifice in virtually every civilization throughout history--including its continued practice today--explores the religious and philosophic thought underlying one of humankind's most startling tradit

The Highest Altar

Titre : The Highest Altar
Auteur : Patrick Tierney
Éditeur : Penguin Group USA
ISBN-13 : UTEXAS:059173007526156
Libération : 1990

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Childhood and Violence in the Western Tradition

Titre : Childhood and Violence in the Western Tradition
Auteur : L. W. B. Brockliss
Éditeur : Oxbow Books Limited
ISBN-13 : NWU:35556040942336
Libération : 2010

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Childhood and Violence in the Western Tradition works like a kaleidoscope, revealing new ways of seeing and new patterns of thinking about the role of violence in children's lives. Moving from the Judaic and Graeco-Roman origins of European civilisation to the present, it examines the cultures of violence in children's lives and the covert ferocity that lies at the heart of adult/child relationships. In a series of short essays, linked together by the editors under a series of thematic heads, the 34 contributors each look at a different aspect of violence and the impact that it has on children's lives. Ranging from child labour in ancient Mycenae to eugenics and abortion in the contemporary world, this book examines the often uncomfortable association between children and violence and looks at children's roles as victims, perpetrators and colluders in violence. By examining the ways in which peoples in the past have understood childhood and consequently how they have treated children, this book reveals the changing relationship between violence and childhood, as well as the links between parents, the state and the child. By placing our contemporary concern about abusive parenting in an historical perspective, the dimensions of the problem are better understood.

The V k aka Heritage

Titre : The V k aka Heritage
Auteur : Hans Bakker
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015060993071
Libération : 2004-01-01

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Illustrations: Illustrations

Public violence in Islamic societies

Titre : Public violence in Islamic societies
Auteur : Christian Robert Lange
Éditeur : Edinburgh Univ Pr
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015084107526
Libération : 2009-09-01

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Violence shapes Islam's public and private spheres, and by charting the historical and doctrinal background of violence in this context, this volume displays a spectrum of attitudes that challenge the common belief that Islam is a civilization of violence. Choosing to focus on the role of violence in the political economy of Muslim societies, the book illuminates political uses of violence by the Muslim state and sheds light on the historical struggle of Muslims to defend the private sphere against political authorities. The book is divided into three parts: public violence and state power; representations of public violence; and public violence and the law.

The Summer Prince

Titre : The Summer Prince
Auteur : Alaya Dawn Johnson
Éditeur : Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13 : 9780545520775
Libération : 2013-03-01

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A heart-stopping story of love, death, technology, and art set amid the tropics of a futuristic Brazil. The lush city of Palmares Tres shimmers with tech and tradition, with screaming gossip casters and practiced politicians. In the midst of this vibrant metropolis, June Costa creates art that's sure to make her legendary. But her dreams of fame become something more when she meets Enki, the bold new Summer King. The whole city falls in love with him (including June's best friend, Gil). But June sees more to Enki than amber eyes and a lethal samba. She sees a fellow artist. Together, June and Enki will stage explosive, dramatic projects that Palmares Tres will never forget. They will add fuel to a growing rebellion against the government's strict limits on new tech. And June will fall deeply, unfortunately in love with Enki. Because like all Summer Kings before him, Enki is destined to die. Pulsing with the beat of futuristic Brazil, burning with the passions of its characters, and overflowing with ideas, this fiery novel will leave you eager for more from Alaya Dawn Johnson.

The Myth of Persecution

Titre : The Myth of Persecution
Auteur : Candida Moss
Éditeur : HarperOne
ISBN-13 : UCSD:31822038759064
Libération : 2013-03-05

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A leading scholar on Christian history reveals how the early church forged stories of Christian martyrs and how the legacy of martyrdom is used today to condemn others as enemies and opponents.