Swords of Dragonfire

Titre : Swords of Dragonfire
Auteur : Ed Greenwood
Éditeur : Wizards of the Coast
ISBN-13 : 9780786961702
Libération : 2011-11-22

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Jump into a new adventure by fan-favorite Ed Greenwood! Florin and his friends have finally made a name for themselves--only to find themselves the pawns of both dark and noble forces in a battle for power. Together, the Swords of Eveningstar must untangle the webs of lies that surround them before the threat to the kingdom eclipses their abilities to defend it. Swords of Dragonfire is the second title in an exciting new trilogy by best-selling author Ed Greenwood, the creator of the Forgotten Realms setting. This novel is a fast-paced sword and sorcery adventure worthy of a place on your shelves next to Conan and Fafherd and the Gray Mouser. From the Paperback edition.

Swords of Eveningstar

Titre : Swords of Eveningstar
Auteur : Ed Greenwood
Éditeur : Wizards of the Coast
ISBN-13 : 9780786961719
Libération : 2011-11-22

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Swords of Eveningstar is the first title in an exciting new series by author Ed Greenwood, the creator of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. This series explores the youthful adventures of the much-loved heroes, Florin, Islif, and Jhessail, as they battle to win a name for themselves and then to defend it against the machinations of a more insidious and devious evil than they ever thought to face. From the Hardcover edition.

Heroes In Training

Titre : Heroes In Training
Auteur : Martin H. Greenberg
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 9781440619656
Libération : 2007-09-04

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ORDINARY PEOPLE. EXTRAORDINARY HEROES... This all-new fantasy anthology features thirteen original stories about ordinary or inexperienced people learning to become extraordinary heroes. From the shape shifter Esen-alit-Quar who is forced unexpectedly into her first solo mission to the young man sworn to defeat a pack of lycanthropes, these heroes in training are thrown into exciting adventures that demand nothing short of all that is in them.

The Sword Never Sleeps

Titre : The Sword Never Sleeps
Auteur : Ed Greenwood
Éditeur : Wizards of the Coast
ISBN-13 : 9780786961696
Libération : 2011-11-22

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The thrilling conclusion to Ed Greenwood's latest epic! Florin Falconhand and his friends have always wanted adventure--but when it finally finds them, it turns out to be a lot more than they bargained for. Over the course of The Knights of Myth Drannor, the Knights learn the true meaning of adventure, honor, and what it means to be a hero. From the Hardcover edition.

A Dawn of Dragonfire

Titre : A Dawn of Dragonfire
Auteur : Daniel Arenson
Éditeur : Moonclipse
ISBN-13 : 9780987886477
Libération : 2013-12-05

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"Their wings thudded. Their flames roared. Thousands of dragons, warriors of Requiem, soared through wind and darkness. Their cries rose in the night: for war, for fire, and for glory." A Dawn of Dragonfire (Dragonlore, Book One): A new epic fantasy for fans of A Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings The people of Requiem, an ancient kingdom, can grow wings and scales, breathe fire, and take flight as dragons. Their hearts are noble, their wisdom great, their kingdom a land of beauty and peace. This peace will soon burn. From the south, a fire rises. Birds of flame take flight. The phoenixes soar, beasts of heat and wrath, large as dragons and cruel as wildfire. Their purpose is one: destroy the land of dragons. Requiem's dragons have defeated countless enemies. Their claws are sharp and their flames bright. But how can they fight the phoenixes, creatures woven of sunfire itself? ____________________________________ In 2011, the Song of Dragons trilogy introduced readers to mythical Requiem. Today, after 200,000 copies sold, a new dawn rises. Dragonlore returns to Requiem with an epic story--for both new readers and old fans--of blood, steel, and dragonfire. A Dawn of Dragonfire -- an epic fantasy novel. For fans of dragons, shapeshifters, swords and sorcery, A Game of Thrones, Eragon, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Dragon Fire

Titre : Dragon Fire
Auteur :
Éditeur : Learning Media Ltd
ISBN-13 : 047823757X
Libération : 2000

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"Wee Robbie McDragon's back with a new case. Someone wants to get rid of all dragon fire in the forest. Will ace detective Robbie and cousin Meg track down the culprit and give the McDragons back their fire?"--Back cover. Suggested level: primary.

Dragon Fire

Titre : Dragon Fire
Auteur : Colleen Ruttan
Éditeur : Colleen Ruttan
ISBN-13 : 9780988134348
Libération : 2013-09-27

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After learning the Queen of Galia wants to destroy her, and sent men—including her father’s killer—to Alyria to arrest her, Erynn and her friend, Adena, fled Caraden Castle and set out on a journey to find her birth parents and the Order of the Cael, a group she hopes can help her. Blamed soon after for murdering the King of Alyria, they now find themselves hunted by Alyrians and Galians. In their race to escape, they also find themselves hampered by two things: there are only two bridges out of Alyria and both are heavily guarded—and they have learned of a Galian plot to kill the Crown Prince of Alyria and the only possible solution to warning him in time lies in the completely opposite direction. Choosing to save the Crown Prince—and possibly achieve justice for her father—Erynn sets out west with Adena to try and locate an old friend, who she hopes has the falcon they need to send an important message. Along the way, she discovers more about who she is and why the Galian Queen wants to destroy her—as well as the destiny it seems she was born to face.


Titre : DragonFire
Auteur : Donita K. Paul
Éditeur : WaterBrook
ISBN-13 : 9780307446244
Libération : 2008-05-20

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Three years of strife have passed since Kale and Bardon freed Paladin’s knights. Now, fiery dragons scorch their beautiful countryside as an evil husband-and-wife wizard duo battle one another for supremacy. The people of Amara just want to be left alone, hoping the conflict with disappear. But Paladin is dying, and Bardon and Kale–now married–must accept fateful assignments if their land is to survive. Will their efforts turn the tide against their adversaries? They face a deadly threat–and a challenging choice. Kale’s responsibility is to find, hatch, and train an army of dragons, and she tackles the daunting task–until she is shocked by a betrayal. As the Amaran countrymen seek escape, she must search for her husband, family, and friends while organizing an underground movement to weaken the enemy. But when the end draws near, Kale must choose between two dismal destinies. Prepare to experience breathtaking adventure and mind-blowing fantasy as never before in this stunning addition to Donita K. Paul’s popular Dragon Keepers fantasy series. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Dragonfire Series Books 4 6

Titre : Dragonfire Series Books 4 6
Auteur : Anne Forbes
Éditeur : Floris Books
ISBN-13 : 9781782500797
Libération : 2013-11-29

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This is an ebook omnibus of books 4, 5 and 6 in the popular Dragonfire series: Firestar, Witch Silver, and Dragon Seeker. Book 4 sees Neil and Clara on holiday near Aberdeen. Little do they know that Firestar, the heart of all magic, is under attack, and their magical friends in great danger. In book 5, Neil and Clara are lead into a nail-biting adventure with witches and a silver amulet. The final installment in the thrilling Dragonfire series finds Neil and Clara joining forces with witches, wolf people, MacArthurs and magicians to stop the Dragon Seeker, Lord Jezail, and his sword Dragonslayer.

The Hero and the Crown

Titre : The Hero and the Crown
Auteur : Robin McKinley
Éditeur : Open Road Media
ISBN-13 : 9781497673656
Libération : 2014-11-18

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In Robin McKinley’s Newbery Medal–winning novel, an outcast princess must earn her birthright as a hero of the realm Aerin is an outcast in her own father’s court, daughter of the foreign woman who, it was rumored, was a witch, and enchanted the king to marry her. She makes friends with her father’s lame, retired warhorse, Talat, and discovers an old, overlooked, and dangerously imprecise recipe for dragon-fire-proof ointment in a dusty corner of her father’s library. Two years, many canter circles to the left to strengthen Talat’s weak leg, and many burnt twigs (and a few fingers) secretly experimenting with the ointment recipe later, Aerin is present when someone comes from an outlying village to report a marauding dragon to the king. Aerin slips off alone to fetch her horse, her sword, and her fireproof ointment . . . But modern dragons, while formidable opponents fully capable of killing a human being, are small and accounted vermin. There is no honor in killing dragons. The great dragons are a tale out of ancient history. That is, until the day that the king is riding out at the head of an army. A weary man on an exhausted horse staggers into the courtyard where the king’s troop is assembled: “The Black Dragon has come . . . Maur, who has not been seen for generations, the last of the great dragons, great as a mountain. Maur has awakened.”