Punk Rock Jesus Deluxe Edition

Titre : Punk Rock Jesus Deluxe Edition
Auteur : Sean Murphy
Éditeur : Vertigo
ISBN-13 : 1401251463
Libération : 2014-10

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A reality TV show starring a clone of Jesus Christ causes chaos across the U.S. of the near future in PUNK ROCK JESUS, a new graphic novel written and drawn by Sean Murphy, the acclaimed illustrator of JOE THE BARBARIAN and AMERICAN VAMPIRE. J2 causes both outrage and adulation. Religious zealots either love or hate the show, angry politicians worry about its influence on the nation, and members of the scientific community fear the implications of cloning a human being at all, let alone the Son of God. Thomas McKael is the clones's bodyguard and former IRA operative, who despite his turbulent past is hired to protect the new Jesus--a baby who captivates the world, but grows up to become an angry teenager. When falling ratings force the network to cut Jesus's mother from the series the young star runs away, renounces his religious heritage and forms a punk rock band. And what starts off as babysitting for Thomas becomes an epic battle, as Jesus goes to war against the corporate media complex that created him. This deluxe edition collects Punk Rock Jesus #1-6 and features over 100 pages of new bonus material.

Terres Lointaines tome 2 pisode 2

Titre : Terres Lointaines tome 2 pisode 2
Auteur : Leo
Éditeur : Dargaud
ISBN-13 : 9782205150476
Libération : 2012-11-14T00:00:00+01:00

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Parti à la recherche de son père disparu, Paul arrive à destination des champs d'algues sur lesquels pousse l'un des trésors de la planète Altaïr-3 : les perles. Il réussit à se faire embaucher sur place, dans l'espoir d'avoir un signe de vie de son père mais le Stepanerk, créature extra-terrestre intelligente et puissante, n'est plus là pour veiller sur lui... Second titre de cette prometteuse série de science-fiction signée Leo et Icar.

Terres Lointaines tome 3 pisode 3

Titre : Terres Lointaines tome 3 pisode 3
Auteur : Leo
Éditeur : Dargaud
ISBN-13 : 9782505022503
Libération : 2012-11-14T00:00:00+01:00

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Paul, toujours à la recherche de son père, poursuit son périple sur Altaïr-3. Le mystère autour de la faune et la flore de cette planète s'épaissit: une population qui disparaît, des algues perlières en voie d'extinction... Cet écosystème se fait de plus en plus menaçant pour les êtres humains. Mais Paul, qui s'endurcit, croise aussi des personnages attachants, dont la séduisante Mary-Anne...


Titre : Namibia
Auteur : Léo
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1849182825
Libération : 2016-07-07

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London, 1949. One foggy night, Rosie Lane sees her son Brian on the banks of the Thames. Only he died four months earlier; and when she comes near him, he crumbles into dust. An incident strikingly similar to Kathy's own encounter with Göring in Namibia. Pushing on with her investigation, the young British agent will have to contend with bloodcurdling phenomena - monstrous insects, accelerated aging - as much as the hostility of local Nazi sympathisers.

The Bicycling Big Book of Cycling for Women

Titre : The Bicycling Big Book of Cycling for Women
Auteur : Selene Yeager
Éditeur : Rodale
ISBN-13 : 9781623364878
Libération : 2015-09-15

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It's a fact: Women are built differently than men. That means that women's bodies react differently to training, nutrition, and sometimes even riding itself. Yet most bicycling books are written without addressing any of these differences. This comprehensive cycling book addresses how to gear up and prepare for any goal--whether you want to ride for pleasure, complete your first 100 miles, or line up at a race. Top professional cyclist Selene Yeager has teamed up with the editors of Bicycling magazine to create The Bicycling Big Book of Cycling for Women, an easy-to-follow instructional manual geared specifically toward women and their unique needs. It breaks down the sport of cycling into easily digestible sections, beginning with the history of women's cycling and progressing into equipment, lifestyle, technique, training, fitness goals, nutrition, maintenance, and more. The book also includes a women-specific section regarding hormones and exercise performance, cycling while menstruating, cycling while pregnant, how menopause affects your training, and how specific parts of the female body are uniquely affected by cycling. The Bicycling Big Book of Cycling for Women is an indispensible, lifelong guide for every female cyclist.

Maigret and the Madwoman

Titre : Maigret and the Madwoman
Auteur : Georges Simenon
Éditeur : Harvest Books
ISBN-13 : 0156028506
Libération : 1979

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"Simenon created one of the great moral detectives . . .a master of the slow unfolding of the criminal mind."-JOHN MORT I M E R Someone is moving a kind old woman's furniture while she is away, but by the time Maigret investigates, she is dead. A kind, elderly lady-meticulously groomed and showing no signs of derangement-appeals to Inspector Maigret, frightened because someone has been moving furniture in her apartment. Nothing, however, has been stolen, and Maigret's subordinates at Police Headquarters shrug her off as "Maigret's madwoman." Touched by the imploring look in her eyes, Maigret promises to investigate-but someone gets there ahead of him. "Simenon is . . . in a class by himself."-T H E N E W YO R K E R G eorges Simenon (1903-1989) was born in Liege, Belgium. He published his first novel at seventeen and went on to write more than two hundred novels, becoming one of the world's most prolific and bestselling authors. His books have sold more than 500 million copies and have been translated into fifty languages. Maigret is a registered trademark of the Estate of Georges Simenon

Lost World

Titre : Lost World
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1569718652
Libération : 2003

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From the creator of Astro Boy and Metropolis, comes Lost World, the first of Osamu Tezuka's cycle of original science-fiction graphic novels-including Metropolis and Future World-published in the late 1940s and early 1950s. When a rogue planet approaches Earth, a team of scientists voyage to the world and discover a land out of the ancient past-a planet populated by dinosaurs! But a group of crooks has stowed away aboard the spacecraft, and the scientists must fight for their survival against both crooks and hungry monsters! A dazzling work of imagination-and guest-starring some friends you may recognize from Astro Boy - Lost World is timeless graphic fiction from one of the medium's true masters, available for the first time in an English-language edition.

Final Incal

Titre : Final Incal
Auteur : Alexandro Jodorowsky
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1594650861
Libération : 2014-05-28

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Visionary storyteller, Jodorowsky, returns to the epic mythology he created with the late Moebius over 30 years ago. This volume concludes the spiritual space adventures of everyman, John DiFool, as the universe faces the threat of an all-devouring metallic virus. The book contains both the original, unfinished After the Incal drawn by Moebius, as well as the complete 3-volume series, Final Incal illustrated by Ladronn.

Les 7 Vies de l pervier 3 me poque Tome 1 Quinze ans apr s 1

Titre : Les 7 Vies de l pervier 3 me poque Tome 1 Quinze ans apr s 1
Auteur : Patrick Cothias
Éditeur : Dargaud
ISBN-13 : 9782205166057
Libération : 2014-01-10T00:00:00+01:00

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Quinze ans aprèsQuinze ans après, le tome 1 de la troisième époque des Sept vies de l'Épervier, marque le retour de la saga imaginée par Patrick Cothias et André Juillard autour de l'histoire tragique d'Ariane. La nouvelle époque, la troisième, des Sept vies de l'Épervier commence en 1642. Ariane, Germain et Beau sont de retour après un long voyage sur continent nord-américain. La jeune femme est provoquée en duel par le vicomte de Roquefeuille, qu'elle a autrefois elle-même gravement blessé. La jeune femme l'éconduit, et les trois amis décident de quitter Paris en attendant que la situation se calme. Ils se rendent à Fougy, là même où Ariane fut internée et accoucha. Les souvenirs reviennent peu à peu, et Ariane découvre que sa fille, Ninon, a survécu malgré les conditions tragiques de sa naissance. Le groupe part à la recherche de l'enfant, réveillant certaines blessures du passé, quinze ans après... Troisième cycle des Sept vies de l'Épervier ; série culte de la BD historique, un récit captivant et une histoire tragique.

Ultime Fronti re Tome 4 pisode 4

Titre : Ultime Fronti re Tome 4 pisode 4
Auteur : Leo
Éditeur : Dargaud
ISBN-13 : 9782205169973
Libération : 2017-06-09T00:00:00+02:00

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Rien ne se passe comme prévu sur la planète Tau Ceti 5 : Jane et John, deux mercenaires venus aider les colons de ces territoires perdus, doivent affronter non seulement un riche propriétaire mais aussi une faune inattendue. Un récit construit comme un western fantastique par un maître de la SF : Leo.