One Hundred Twenty One Days

Titre : One Hundred Twenty One Days
Auteur : Michèle Audin
Éditeur : Deep Vellum Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781941920336
Libération : 2016-04-25

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"Audin plays with codes, numbers and dates to create a fascinating and unsettling story."—Le Temps This debut novel by mathematician and Oulipo member Michèle Audin retraces the lives of French mathematicians over several generations through World Wars I and II. The narrative oscillates stylistically from chapter to chapter—at times a novel, fable, historical research, or a diary—locking and unlocking codes, culminating in a captivating, original reading experience. Michèle Audin is the author of several works of mathematical theory and history and also published a work on her anticolonialist father's torture, disappearance, and execution by the French during the Battle of Algiers.

Jacob Menahem and Mimoun

Titre : Jacob Menahem and Mimoun
Auteur : Marcel Benabou
Éditeur : U of Nebraska Press
ISBN-13 : 0803261934
Libération : 2001-09-01

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1998 National Jewish Book Award Winner for Autobiography/Memoir "A dry wit and surprising pathos infuse this "family epic," which turns out to be "merely" the telling of Benabou's failed attempt at creating his literary masterpiece. . . The reader shares his initial hopefulness as he details his younger self's ambitious plans for a family epic, founded in memory, supplemented by ever-growing mountains of scholarly documentation . . . and formally grounded in a literary model of the past that, ultimately, eludes him. In telling the stories of his three selected ancestors, Jacob, Menahem, and Mimoun, Benabou notices that his youthful project has not disappeared. He's decided to let his book tell itself; he'll merely hitch himself to the story and go along for the ride in this artistic tour-de force, by turns playful and serious."--Kirkus Reviews Jacob, Menahem, and Mimoun delves into Marcel Bénabou's uncommon family history while reflecting on the mysteries of memory, the past, and writing. Born in Morocco in 1939 to a Jewish family, Bénabou left his home at age seventeen to study ancient history in Paris. Bénabou's memoir returns to his childhood in Morocco--to his parents, their home, and the Jewish community in Meknes. At the same time he accounts for all that has changed, including his very different life in Paris and the disappearance of the world of his childhood. He notes how he has turned from his family's wish that he become a rabbi to his absorption, as an adult, in several millennia of secular literature. And he worries about how his "family epic"--an epic meant to include the history of Morocco's Jews--has become a book about himself and his inability to write the great book he has long imagined--the book one owes oneself and the world. The impossibility of fully recovering the past hovers over his memories. And the impossibility of writing a book about that past is also there--an impossibility that Bénabou acknowledges, delineates, and, in a real if also provisional sense, transcends. In his inspired attention to that impossibility, Bénabou has written a book that transforms absence into presence and the past into rich matter for the present. Marcel Bénabou lives in Paris and pursues his current positions as professor at the University of Paris and as the permanent provisional secretary of Oulipo, that unsettling association of indefatigably innovative writers. Steven Rendall is a professor in the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Oregon. He is the author of Distinguo: Reading Montaigne Differently and the translator of many books including Jürgen Habermas's Berlin Republic (Nebraska 1997). Warren Motte is a professor of French at the University of Colorado. He is the author of several books including Playtexts: Ludics in Contemporay Literature (Nebraska 1995).


Titre : Eunoia
Auteur : Christian Bök
Éditeur : Coach House Books
ISBN-13 : 9781770562592
Libération : 2005-10-14

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The word eunoia, which literally means beautiful thinking, is the shortest word in English that contains all five vowels. Directly inspired by the Oulipo (l Ouvroir de Litterature Potentielle), a French writers group interested in experimenting with different forms of literary constraint, "Eunoia" is a five-chapter book in which each chapter is a univocal lipogram the first chapter has A as its only vowel, the second chapter E, etc. Each vowel takes on a distinct personality: the I is egotistical and romantic, the O jocular and obscene, the E elegiac and epic (including a retelling of the Iliad!). Stunning in its implications and masterful in its execution, "Eunoia" has developed a cult following, garnering extensive praise and winning the Griffin Poetry Prize. The original edition was never released in the U.S., but it has already been a bestseller in Canada and the U.K. (published by Canongate Books), where it was listed as one of the "Times " top ten books of 2008. This edition features several new but related poems by Christian Bok and an expanded afterword."

99 Ways to Tell a Story

Titre : 99 Ways to Tell a Story
Auteur : Matt Madden
Éditeur : Chamberlain Brothers
ISBN-13 : 1596090782
Libération : 2005

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Presents a series of one-page comics that tell the same story in a variety of ways.

Drawing Words and Writing Pictures

Titre : Drawing Words and Writing Pictures
Auteur : Jessica Abel
Éditeur : Macmillan
ISBN-13 : 9781596431317
Libération : 2008-06-10

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A course on comics creation offers lessons on lettering, story, structure, panel layout, and much more, providing a solid introduction for people interested in making their own comics. Original.

Mastering Comics

Titre : Mastering Comics
Auteur : Jessica Abel
Éditeur : First Second
ISBN-13 : 1596436174
Libération : 2012-05-08

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A new course of material to accompany First Second’s widely acclaimed 2008 comics textbook. In their hotly anticipated follow-up to 2008’s comics textbook Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, School of Visual Arts cartooning professors Matt Madden and Jessica Abel bring their expertise to bear on the “second semester” of a course of study for the budding cartoonist. Covering advanced topics such as story composition, coloring, and file formatting, Mastering Comics is a vital companion to the introductory content of the first volume.