5th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam

Titre : 5th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam
Auteur : Vo Van Toi
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9783319117768
Libération : 2014-11-18

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This volume presents the proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam which was held from June 16-18, 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City. The volume reflects the progress of Biomedical Engineering and discusses problems and solutions. I aims identifying new challenges, and shaping future directions for research in biomedical engineering fields including medical instrumentation, bioinformatics, biomechanics, medical imaging, drug delivery therapy, regenerative medicine and entrepreneurship in medical devices.

Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches

Titre : Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches
Auteur : Steven Ovadia
Éditeur : Manning Publications
ISBN-13 : 1617293288
Libération : 2016-09-28

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Summary Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches shows you how to install and use Linux for all the things you do with your OS, like connecting to a network, installing software, and securing your system. Whether you're just curious about Linux or have to get up and running for your job, you'll appreciate how this book concentrates on the tasks you need to know how to do in 23 easy lessons. About the Technology If you've only used Windows or Mac OS X, you may be daunted by the Linux operating system. And yet learning Linux doesn't have to be hard, and the payoff is great. Linux is secure, flexible, and free. It's less susceptible to malicious attacks, and when it is attacked, patches are available quickly. If you don't like the way it looks or behaves, you can change it. And best of all, Linux allows users access to different desktop interfaces and loads of software, almost all of it completely free. About the Book Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches shows you how to install and use Linux for all the things you do with your OS, like connecting to a network, installing software, and securing your system. Whether you're just curious about Linux or need it for your job, you'll appreciate how this book focuses on just the tasks you need to learn. In easy-to-follow lessons designed to take an hour or less, you'll learn how to use the command line, along with practical topics like installing software, customizing your desktop, printing, and even basic networking. You'll find a road map to the commands and processes you need to be instantly productive. What's Inside Master the command line Learn about file systems Understand desktop environments Go from Linux novice to expert in just one month About the Reader This book is for anyone looking to learn how to use Linux. No previous Linux experience required. About the Author Steven Ovadia is a professor and librarian at LaGuardia Community College, CUNY. He curates The Linux Setup, a large collection of interviews with desktop Linux users, and writes for assorted library science journals. Table of Contents PART 1 - GETTING LINUX UP AND RUNNING Before you begin Getting to know Linux Installing Linux Getting to know your system Desktop environments Navigating your desktop PART 2 - A HOME OFFICE IN LINUX Installing software An introduction to Linux home/office software Text files and editors Working with files and folders on the command line Working with common command-line applications, part 1 Working with common command-line applications, part 2 Using the command line productively Explaining the Linux filesystem hierarchy Windows programs in Linux Establishing a workflow PART 3 - HOME SYSTEM ADMIN ON LINUX An in-depth look at package management and maintenance Updating the operating system Linux security Connecting to other computers Printing Version control for non-programmers Never the end

Managing Linux Systems with Webmin

Titre : Managing Linux Systems with Webmin
Auteur : Jamie Cameron
Éditeur : Prentice Hall Professional
ISBN-13 : 0131408828
Libération : 2004

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Provides instructions on using Webmin, covering such topics as installation, partitions, system logs, firewall configuration, cluster modules, and Webmin modules.


Éditeur : PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN-13 : 9788120347267
Libération : 2013-02-13

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Operating System, an integral part of any computer, is the interface between the computer users and the hardware. This comprehensive book provides the readers with the basic under-standing of the theoretical and practical aspects of operating systems. The text explains the operating systems and components of operating systems including attributes of Linux and Unix operating systems. It also discusses Android operating system and Tablet computer. The book explicates in-depth the concepts of process, threads/multithreading and scheduling and describes process synchronization, deadlocks and memory management including file access methods and directory structure. In addition, it also describes security and protection along with distributed file systems. The book is designed as a textbook for undergraduate students of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, and Information Technology as well as post-graduate students of computer applications and computer science.

A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Titre : A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Auteur : Mark G. Sobell
Éditeur : Pearson Education
ISBN-13 : 0137063512
Libération : 2010-02-11

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Master All the Techniques You Need to Succeed with Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Set up key Internet servers, step by step, including Samba, Apache, sendmail, DNS, FTP, and other Internet servers Automate and streamline administration with this edition’s outstanding new chapter on Perl scripting Master GUI-based admin tools and the powerful Linux command line (CLI) In this book, one of the world’s leading Linux experts brings together all the knowledge you’ll need to succeed with Fedora or Red Hat Enterprise Linux in any real-world environment. Best-selling author Mark Sobell explains Linux clearly and effectively, focusing on skills you’ll actually use as an administrator, user, or programmer. Sobell assumes no prior Linux knowledge. He starts at the beginning and walks you through every topic and task that matters, using easy-to-understand examples. Step by step, you’ll learn how to install and configure Linux from the accompanying DVD, navigate its graphical user interfaces, provide file/print sharing and Internet services, make sure Linux desktops and networks are as secure as possible, work with the powerful command line, administer Linux efficiently, and even automate administration with Perl scripts. Mark Sobell has taught hundreds of thousands of Linux and UNIX professionals. He knows every Linux nook and cranny–and he never forgets what it’s like to be new to Linux. Whatever you’ll want to do with Linux–now or in the future–this book gives you everything you’ll need. Compared with the other Linux books out there, A Practical Guide to Fedora™ and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Fifth Edition, delivers Complete, up-to-the-minute coverage of Fedora 12 and RHEL 5 Deeper coverage of the command line and the newest GUIs, including desktop customization More practical coverage of file sharing using Samba, NFS, and FTP More and better coverage of automating administration with Perl More usable, realistic coverage of Internet server configuration, including Apache, sendmail, NFS, DNS/BIND, and LDAP More state-of-the-art security techniques, including SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux), ACLs (Access Control Lists), firewall setup using both the Red Hat GUI and iptables, and a full chapter on OpenSSH More and better coverage of system/network administration tasks, including new coverage of network monitoring with Cacti Complete instructions on keeping Linux systems up-to-date using yum And much more, including a 500+ term glossary and a comprehensive index Includes DVD! Get the full version of the Fedora 12 release!

Counterterrorism and Open Source Intelligence

Titre : Counterterrorism and Open Source Intelligence
Auteur : Uffe Wiil
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 3709103886
Libération : 2011-06-27

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Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, serious concerns were raised on domestic and international security issues. Consequently, there has been considerable interest recently in technological strategies and resources to counter acts of terrorism. In this context, this book provides a state-of-the-art survey of the most recent advances in the field of counterterrorism and open source intelligence, demonstrating how various existing as well as novel tools and techniques can be applied in combating covert terrorist networks. A particular focus will be on future challenges of open source intelligence and perspectives on how to effectively operate in order to prevent terrorist activities.

Linux Patch Management

Titre : Linux Patch Management
Auteur : Michael H. Jang
Éditeur : Prentice Hall Professional
ISBN-13 : 9780132366755
Libération : 2006-01-01

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Provides information and guidance on managing Linus patches and updates.

Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

Titre : Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook
Auteur : Shantanu Tushar
Éditeur : Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN-13 : 9781782162759
Libération : 2013-05-21

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This book is written in a Cookbook style and it offers learning through recipes with examples and illustrations. Each recipe contains step-by-step instructions about everything necessary to execute a particular task. The book is designed so that you can read it from start to end for beginners, or just open up any chapter and start following the recipes as a reference for advanced users.If you are a beginner or an intermediate user who wants to master the skill of quickly writing scripts to perform various tasks without reading the entire manual, this book is for you. You can start writing scripts and one-liners by simply looking at the similar recipe and its descriptions without any working knowledge of shell scripting or Linux. Intermediate/advanced users as well as system administrators/ developers and programmers can use this book as a reference when they face problems while coding.

Awakening to Gratitude

Titre : Awakening to Gratitude
Auteur : Gratitude Power Foundation
Éditeur : Gratitude Power
ISBN-13 : 9780692010495
Libération : 2010-06-21

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Are you ready for more joy, prosperity and love? Awakening to Gratitude is a powerful prescription for creating your best life. Discover how you can tap into this amazing vibration to manifest your dreams. This life breakthrough eBook opens up a gateway to eye opening awareness about the power of gratitude and how it can literally transform your life--no matter what your current circumstances

Fedora Linux Toolbox

Titre : Fedora Linux Toolbox
Auteur : Christopher Negus
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9780470276167
Libération : 2008-03-10

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In this handy, compact guide, you’ll explore a ton of powerful Fedora Linux commands while you learn to use Fedora Linux as the experts do: from the command line. Try out more than 1,000 commands to find and get software, monitor system health and security, and access network resources. Then, apply the skills you learn from this book to use and administer desktops and servers running Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or any other Linux distribution.