Seizing the Enigma

Titre : Seizing the Enigma
Auteur : David Kahn
Éditeur : Frontline Books
ISBN-13 : 9781783378586
Libération : 2012-02-02

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For almost four desperate years, from 1939 to mid-1943, the British and American navies fought a savage, losing battle against German submarine wolfpacks. The Allies might never have turned the tide without an intelligence coup. The race to break the German U-boat codes is one of the greatest untold stories of World War II. Kahn expertly brings this tale to life in this newly-updated edition of his classic book. Soon after war broke out, HitlerÕs U-boats began to sever Allied lifelines. In the gray wasteland of the North Atlantic, submarines prowled; at night, the sky lit up with the flames of exploding tankers. To meet the growing crisis, ingenious amateurs joined the nucleus of dedicated professionals at Bletchley Park. As the Battle of the Atlantic raged, they raced to unlock the continually changing German naval codes. Their mission: to read the U-boat messages of HitlerÕs cipher device, the Enigma. Critical to their success was a series of raids at sea. U-110, captured intact in the mid-Atlantic, yielded the Enigma machine itself and also a trove of secret documents. The weather ship Lauenburg seized near the Arctic ice pack provided codesettings for an entire month. In the Mediterranean, two sailors rescued a German weather cipher than enabled the team at Bletchley to solve the Enigma after a year-long blackout.

Humanism and Terror

Titre : Humanism and Terror
Auteur : Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Éditeur : Transaction Publishers
ISBN-13 : 1412825725
Libération :

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Raymond Aron called Merleau-Ponty "the most influential French philosopher of his generation." First published in France in 1947, Humanism and Terror was in part a response to Arthur Koestler's Darkness at Noon, and in a larger sense a contribution to the political and moral debates of a postwar world suddenly divided into two ideological armed camps. For Merleau-Ponty, the central question was: could Communism transcend its violence and intentions? The value of a society is the value it places upon man's relation to man, Merleau-Ponty examines not only the Moscow trials of the late thirties but also Koestler's re-creation of them. He argues that violence in general in the Communist world can be understood only in the context of revolutionary activism. He demonstrates that it is pointless to ask whether Communism respects the rules of liberal society; it is evident that Communism does not. In post-Communist Europe, when many are addressing similar questions throughout the world, Merleau-Ponty's discourse is of prime importance; it stands as a major and provocative contribution to limits on the use of violence. The argument is placed in its current context in a brilliant new introduction by John O'Neill. His remarks extend the line of argument originally developed by the great French political philosopher. This is a major contribution to political theory and philosophy. Maurice Merleau-Ponty, until his death in 1961, held the Chair of Philosophy at the Collge de France. He was recognized as both an authentic and profoundly original disciple of Husserlian phenomenology, and a major figure in the development of existential thought. John O'Neill, who has prepared this accurate and well-written translation, is professor of sociology at York University, Ontario, Canada. Educated at the London School of Economics, Notre Dame, and Stanford, he is translator of Jean Hyppolite's Studies on Marx and Hegel and author of Perception, Expression and History.

The Real North Korea

Titre : The Real North Korea
Auteur : Andrei Lankov
Éditeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780199964291
Libération : 2013-05-02

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After providing an accessible history of the nation, the author turns his focus to what North Korea is, what its leadership thinks and how its people cope with living in such an oppressive and poor place, arguing that North Korea is not irrational, but rather a nation that has survived against all odds.

Dimitrov and Stalin

Titre : Dimitrov and Stalin
Auteur : Alexander Dallin
Éditeur : Yale University Press
ISBN-13 : 0300080212
Libération : 2000

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Bulgarian Georgi Dimitrov, Stalin's close confidant and trusted ally, served as secretary general of the Communist International (Comintern) from 1934 to its dissolution in 1943. In this collection of more than fifty top-secret letters, the real workings of the Comintern emerge clearly for the first time. Drawn from classified Soviet archives only recently opened to Russian and American scholars, these letters offer unique insights into Soviet foreign policy and Stalin's attitudes and intentions while the Great Terror of the 1930s was in progress and in the years leading up to the Second World War. Annotated by the editors to provide the historical context in which these letters were written, the collection is vivid and startlingly significant. The letters confirm the complete dependence of the Comintern on the Kremlin, while also exposing bureaucratic maneuvering, backbiting, and jockeying for influence. These messages cast much light on the Soviet confusion about policies toward foreign Communist parties, and they uncover the extent to which Stalin shaped the Comintern. Stalin's perspectives on America, French communism, and the Spanish Civil War are recorded, as are his differences with Mao Zedong and with Marshal Tito at important turning points. With the publication of these letters, the history of twentieth-century communism gains authentic evidence about a critical decade.

The Making of the Soviet System

Titre : The Making of the Soviet System
Auteur : Moshe Lewin
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 0416408303
Libération : 1985-01-01

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Moshe Lewin A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de The Making of the Soviet System Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

The French and Spanish Popular Fronts

Titre : The French and Spanish Popular Fronts
Auteur : Martin S. Alexander
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 0521524229
Libération : 2002-06-06

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The first multi-dimensional approach to the Front phenomenon of the 1930s.

The City of the Sun

Titre : The City of the Sun
Auteur : Tommaso Campanella
Éditeur : Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN-13 : 9781602068872
Libération : 2007-11-01

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City of the Sun, written in 1602, is Tommaso Campanella's contribution to the body of literature concerned with utopia, the philosophical search for the perfect society. Campanella's utopia was based on a form of communism in which all possessions, including women and children, were shared by men. The great city was ruled by a spiritual leader named Metaphysic, whom Power, Wisdom, and Love served, overseeing all aspects of the society. Wisdom ensures that the sciences are properly taught, while Love ensures that men and women breed the most perfect children. Those with an interest in philosophy and sociology will find this book an intriguing take on the structure of an ideal society. Italian philosopher and theologian TOMMASO CAMPANELLA (1568-1639) became a monk at the age of fifteen. He was imprisoned for twenty-seven years for conspiring against the Spanish crown, and it was during this time that he wrote his most important works, including Atheismus triumphatus (1605) and Metaphysica (1609).

The Canadian left

Titre : The Canadian left
Auteur : Norman Penner
Éditeur : Prentice Hall
ISBN-13 : 0131131265
Libération : 1977

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Norman Penner A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de The Canadian left Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Ho Chi Minh

Titre : Ho Chi Minh
Auteur : Sophie Quinn-Judge
ISBN-13 : 1850656584
Libération : 2003-01

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This biography focuses on Ho's early political career, from his emergence at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, to his organisation of the Viet Minh United Front at the start of the Second World War. Using previously untapped sources from Comintern and French intelligence archives, Sophie Quinn-Judge examines Ho's life in the light of two interconnecting themes - the origins and institutional development of the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP) and the impact on early Vietnamese communism of political developments in China and the Soviet Union.

Claude Cahun

Titre : Claude Cahun
Auteur : Gen Doy
Éditeur : I. B. Tauris
ISBN-13 : 1845115511
Libération : 2008-01-15

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The first full-length title in English on the celebrated photographer Claude Cahun whose work was rediscovered in the 1980s. This lively and original book looks at Cahun and her oeuvre in the contexts of the turbulent times in which she lived. Surveying standard postmodernist approaches to Cahun, born Lucy Schwob, Doy goes further, positioning Cahun's photographs as part of her life as a woman, lesbian and political activist in the early twentieth century. Doy considers Cahun's relationships with Symbolism and then Surrealism and her approach to dress and masquerade, assessing the images in the context of the situation of women at the time and within the prevailing fashion and beauty culture. She also pays attention to her curious images of constructed objects and re-evaluates the status of Cahun's small-scale snapshots as photographs. Enormously readable, 'Claude Cahun' at last provides a fuller picture of this important artist's life and work.