Guide d enseignement moral et civique Max et Lili

Titre : Guide d enseignement moral et civique Max et Lili
Auteur :
Éditeur : Production Christian Gallimard PCG Calligram
ISBN-13 : 999593499X
Libération : 2016-05-19

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Toby Alone

Titre : Toby Alone
Auteur : Timothee de Fombelle
Éditeur : Candlewick Press
ISBN-13 : 9780763651800
Libération : 2010-08-10

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Toby Lolness may be just one and a half millimeters tall, but he’s the most wanted person in his world—the world of the great oak Tree. Toby’s father has made a ground-breaking discovery: the Tree itself is alive, flowing with vital energy, and there may even be a world beyond it. Greedy developers itch to exploit this forbidden knowledge, risking permanent damage to their natural world. But Toby’s father has refused to reveal his findings, causing the family to be exiled to the lower branches and finally sentenced to death. Only Toby has managed to escape—but for how long? And how can he bear to leave his parents to their terrible fate?

Chavela and the Magic Bubble

Titre : Chavela and the Magic Bubble
Auteur : Monica Brown
Éditeur : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN-13 : 9780547487441
Libération : 2010-03-15

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When Chavela blows a bubble with a strange new gum, she floats away to Mexico, where her great-grandfather once worked harvesting the tree sap that makes gum chewy.

The Pumpkin Runner

Titre : The Pumpkin Runner
Auteur :
Éditeur : Dial
ISBN-13 : 0803721242
Libération : 1998

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An Australian sheep rancher who eats pumpkins for energy enters a race from Melbourne to Sydney, despite people laughing at his eccentricities.

Bear Hunt

Titre : Bear Hunt
Auteur : Anthony Browne
Éditeur : Puffin
ISBN-13 : 0141331593
Libération : 2010

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This story is all about a very clever white bear and his magic pencil. Everything Bear draws becomes real! He draws a circle and it becomes a hole through which he can escape. He even draws a rope that he can swing on. And when two bear hunters are after him, his magic pencil comes in very handy!