Sexe drogue et natation

Titre : Sexe drogue et natation
Auteur : Amaury Leveaux
Éditeur : Fayard
ISBN-13 : 9782213687728
Libération : 2015-04-22

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Il a gagné les plus belles médailles, battu de magnifiques records du monde. L’enfant au physique hors norme, issu des cités défavorisées de Belfort, a connu un destin extraordinaire. Si les titres d’Amaury Leveaux sont « propres », le monde de la natation l’est moins. En 2008, lors de la finale du cinquante mètres nage libre des JO de Pékin, le champion se laisse rafler l’or et n’obtient que l’argent : trois ans plus tard, le vainqueur de l’époque recevra un avertissement pour avoir nagé sous produits interdits, suite à des tests antidopage. De quoi alimenter des doutes. Car, hors du bassin, les rivalités font rage et tous les coups sont permis. Derrière des entraînements exigeants se cachent de folles soirées. Au programme : sexe, drogue et natation. Pour la première fois, un champion olympique témoigne de la réalité du monde de la natation, que l’on croyait épargné : une plongée en eaux troubles. Né en 1985 dans un quartier populaire de Belfort, élevé par sa mère, Amaury Leveaux s’est révélé un nageur exceptionnel qui s’est hissé sur les plus hautes marches des podiums mondiaux. En 2013, il quitte la compétition avec un très beau palmarès (4 médailles olympiques, 4 médailles au championnat du monde et plus de 40 médailles européennes).

Total Immersion

Titre : Total Immersion
Auteur : Terry Laughlin
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781451688337
Libération : 2012-03-13

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Swim better—and enjoy every lap—with Total Immersion, a guide to improving your swimming from an expert with more than thirty years of experience in the water. Terry Laughlin, the world’s #1 authority on swimming success, has made his unique approach even easier for anyone to master. Whether you’re an accomplished swimmer or have always found swimming to be a struggle, Total Immersion will show you that it’s mindful fluid movement—not athletic ability—that will turn you into an efficient swimmer. This new edition of the bestselling Total Immersion features: · A thoughtfully choreographed series of skill drills—practiced in the mindful spirit of yoga—that can help anyone swim more enjoyably · A holistic approach to becoming one with the water and to developing a swimming style that’s always comfortable · Simple but thorough guidance on how to improve fitness and form · A complementary land-and-water program for achieving a strong and supple body at any age Based on more than thirty years of teaching, coaching, and research, Total Immersion has dramatically improved the physical and mental experience of swimming for thousands of people of all ages and abilities.

The Annotated Mixtape

Titre : The Annotated Mixtape
Auteur : Joshua Harmon
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1936873249
Libération : 2014-11-18

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An in-depth look at how record collecting has shaped—and continues to shape—the author's life

Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers

Titre : Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers
Auteur : Christopher Grey
Éditeur : Amherst Media
ISBN-13 : 9781608956890
Libération : 2014-04-15

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Light, vibrant and malleable, is the greatest tool at the disposal of portrait photographers. In this acclaimed book—with over 50,000 copies in print—Christopher Grey walks you through studio portrait lighting from start to finish. Dozens of image sequences and before/after pairings show you precisely how each change of light position and modifier affects the look of the lighting on the subject. From classic portrait lighting patterns to unexpected but powerful looks, Grey teaches you everything you need to know to control light effectively. Armed with these powerful skills, you’ll be able to create portraits that are more flattering, more marketable, and more creative.

Lucy and the Anvil

Titre : Lucy and the Anvil
Auteur : Adam Kline
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0989553809
Libération : 2013-07-16

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A little girl and an anvil establish an unlikely friendship.

Crying in the Dark

Titre : Crying in the Dark
Auteur : Jamie Phillips
Éditeur : HarperCollins UK
ISBN-13 : 9780007274055
Libération : 2008-01-01

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At fourteen he finally found the courage to run away, hiding in a hut by a railway line, fed on scraps by some local children who found him. Joe's is the ultimate insider's story, casting light into the darkest of hidden worlds, and a truly inspirational account of how one small boy found the strength to overcome almost impossible odds and become a remarkable man. Now that he has found his voice again, Joe speaks out against child abuse and helps support and protect other children whose lives have been blighted by it.

The Mind in the Cave Consciousness and the Origins of Art

Titre : The Mind in the Cave Consciousness and the Origins of Art
Auteur : David Lewis-Williams
Éditeur : Thames & Hudson
ISBN-13 : 9780500770443
Libération : 2004-04-17

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The breathtakingly beautiful art created deep inside the caves of western Europe has the power to dazzle even the most jaded observers. Emerging from the narrow underground passages into the chambers of caves such as Lascaux, Chauvet, and Altamira, visitors are confronted with symbols, patterns, and depictions of bison, woolly mammoths, ibexes, and other animals. Since its discovery, cave art has provoked great curiosity about why it appeared when and where it did, how it was made, and what it meant to the communities that created it. David Lewis-Williams proposes that the explanation for this lies in the evolution of the human mind. Cro-Magnons, unlike the Neanderthals, possessed a more advanced neurological makeup that enabled them to experience shamanistic trances and vivid mental imagery. It became important for people to "fix," or paint, these images on cave walls, which they perceived as the membrane between their world and the spirit world from which the visions came. Over time, new social distinctions developed as individuals exploited their hallucinations for personal advancement, and the first truly modern society emerged. Illuminating glimpses into the ancient mind are skillfully interwoven here with the still-evolving story of modern-day cave discoveries and research. The Mind in the Cave is a superb piece of detective work, casting light on the darkest mysteries of our earliest ancestors while strengthening our wonder at their aesthetic achievements.

Search for Senna

Titre : Search for Senna
Auteur : Katherine Applegate
Éditeur : Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-13 : 0590877437
Libération : 1999

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When David's girlfriend Senna is swallowed up by the Earth, he and his friends follow to save her, only to stumble upon a nightmarish land they could have never imagined. Original.