Annales Annabac 2017 Maths Tle S sp cifique sp cialit

Titre : Annales Annabac 2017 Maths Tle S sp cifique sp cialit
Auteur : Hervé Kazmierczak
Éditeur : Hatier
ISBN-13 : 9782401022614
Libération : 2016-08-18

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Les sujets de maths tombés au bac en S, avec leurs corrigés expliqués : pour s’entraîner dans les conditions de l’examen et réussir le jour J. • 42 sujets : les sujets complets du bac 2016 et des sujets complémentaires classés par thème du programme • Pour chaque sujet, des aides et des conseils de méthode • Des corrigés très détaillés pour comprendre comment raisonner et rédiger • À la fin de l’ouvrage, la « boîte à outils » comprenant : l’essentiel du programme, les algorithmes types, un mémo sur la calculatrice • En plus, avec l’achat de l’ouvrage, un accès gratuit aux ressources du site : vidéos, podcasts et fiches de cours, quiz, exercices, sujets corrigés...

The Panda s Thumb More Reflections in Natural History

Titre : The Panda s Thumb More Reflections in Natural History
Auteur : Stephen Jay Gould
Éditeur : W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN-13 : 039334083X
Libération : 2010-11-29

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"Gould is a natural writer; he has something to say and the inclination and skill with which to say it." —P. B. Medawar, New York Review of Books With sales of well over one million copies in North America alone, the commercial success of Gould's books now matches their critical acclaim. The Panda's Thumb will introduce a new generation of readers to this unique writer, who has taken the art of the scientific essay to new heights. Were dinosaurs really dumber than lizards? Why, after all, are roughly the same number of men and women born into the world? What led the famous Dr. Down to his theory of mongolism, and its racist residue? What do the panda's magical "thumb" and the sea turtle's perilous migration tell us about imperfections that prove the evolutionary rule? The wonders and mysteries of evolutionary biology are elegantly explored in these and other essays by the celebrated natural history writer Stephen Jay Gould.

A Phantom from the East

Titre : A Phantom from the East
Auteur : J. E. Gordon
Éditeur : Karig Press
ISBN-13 : 9781444690958
Libération : 2009-12

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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

The Master of Lucid Dreams

Titre : The Master of Lucid Dreams
Auteur : Olga Kharitidi
Éditeur : Hampton Roads Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN-13 : 1571743294
Libération : 2001

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Why don't people heal? Why do they stay wounded--some even driven to suicide by their pain-despite the best that organic and psychological medicine can offer? To find the answers, Russian--born psychiatrist Olga Kharitidi traveled to exotic Samarkand, a major cultural and spiritual crossroads, and ancient capital of Uzbekistan, in the heart of Central Asia. No stranger to mystical and shamanic experiences, Dr. Kharitidi had already immersed herself in Siberian native traditions of seeing and healing. Now, at the invitation of an emissary from an ancient secret brotherhood, Dr. Kharitidi set out to learn firsthand the secrets of healing deep emotional wounds. As she quickly discovered, to master these methods she would first have to heal herself. Under the tutelage of the mysterious and charismatic Michael, the master of lucid dreams and protector of esoteric teachings first given millennia ago, Dr. Kharitidi entered another world altogether. There, she saw how our deepest emotional traumas are held in place by baleful spirits and can only be overcome by the technique of dreaming while awake. A major contribution to experiential psychology and a vivid revelation of little-known ancient teachings,The Master of Lucid Dreamsdescribes a startlingly different and effective approach to inner healing.